Here (finally) is my DC Universe section.  I will be updating or correcting characters in existing write-ups, creating characters that have not appeared and (possibly) posting my own characters that are tied into the DCU.

    Note: And another one bites the dust.  Why can't DC RPG's stay in print?

Character Write-Ups

These are updated write-ups of existing characters that I disagree with.  YMMV.

More Character Write-Ups

These are write-ups for minor characters in the DCU that will probably never appear.

  • The Four Other Supermen

My Character's that are tied into the DCU

Some of these are existing characters that I have put my personal twist on, some are based on existing characters and some are all new.

  • Black Eagle (Related to Golden Eagle)
  • Hourman II (My updated take on him)

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